Re: Facilitation

“Brie is a very intuitive and gifted actor and facilitator.  He is present to others like few others I know.  This presence helps others to increase their self-awareness and skills.  He is a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Gardiner-Harding

Executive Director, playsthatwork

Re: Difficult Conversations Training

“Brie helps you understand very clearly the dynamics involved in difficult conversations.  He helps you see why conveying the right information is not enough, it has to be delivered in an adequate format specifically adapted to your listener. He provides a useful and practical analysis on how to detect and improve communication patterns, indispensable tools for every professional and personal interaction.”

Martha Celis

Ph.D., Biology

Re:  Instructional Design & Facilitation

Great presentation tonight! My a-ha was that a positive workplace dynamic frees critical time for achieving our mission. In a small not-for-profit, that’s key! Thanks again.”

Karri Munn-Venn

Senior Policy Analyst, Citizens for Public Justice

Re: Difficult Conversations Training

“What Brie does is help you interpret what you are actually conveying to the other person and “how” that makes the other person feel.  Once this is clear, he coaches you on how to refocus the conversation so that both parties can hear the content and move forward in a positive way.”

Ruth Gmehlin

Co-founder, Trillium Teams

Re:  Instructional Design & Facilitation

“The workshop with Brie was what I needed; I feel equipped to handle the daily challenges of my job with tools that are grounded in  science and human insights. The teaching environment was fun and lively and the energy level was sustained through out the day!  I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to improve workplace relationships.”

Maryam Awan

Change Management Specialist, NAV Canada

Re: Difficult Conversations Training

“Brie is fantastic to work with – professional, thoughtful, insightful, creative and adaptive – he makes difficult conversations look easy!”

Debra Brown

President & CEO, Brown Governance

Re:  Instructional Design & Facilitation

“Great presentation tonight Brie! Very insightful and impactful! I was riveted by the impact of “conflict” in the workplace and stunned by the statistics you presented. People often think that walking away is easier than facing their issues straight on – I can appreciate why working with someone with your expertise would be invaluable to small and large organizations alike.”

Anne-Marie Granger

Supervisor, Business Accounting Services, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Re:  Instructional Design & Facilitation

“A must for all Public Servants; practical tools to create better workplaces/relationships.  Brie is an engaging instructor.”

Lorne Boissonneault

Manager, Enterprise Change & Advisory Services, Shared Services Canada

Re: Instructional Design & Facilitation

“The evaluations of your lecture are really excellent – the students found it novel and exciting.”

Dr. Leonard Bloom, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

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