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Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is the aspect of learning and development that sits at the core of my 14 years of experience.

Being a professionally trained actor, the element of performance and being comfortable at the front of a room people gave me a good place to start.

What I soon began to grow into was the notion that there’s no place for ego in being a good facilitator.  Yes, being able to entertain people is a valuable skill … and the other end of the facilitation spectrum is knowing when to disappear into the background.

It’s a dance along a continuum between leader-directed facilitation and participant-directed facilitation.  You also have to move gracefully between the shifting tempos of each moment and simultaneously honour what’s happening in the moment with the participants and honour the learning objectives you’ve been entrusted to deliver.

I put together this short video from one my workshops just to give you a bit of a sense of what I’m like as a facilitator.