Work Experience

In working as an independent consultant for the past 25 years or so, I’ve served over 70 organizations, throughout Canada and the United States, in a wide variety of sectors and fields.  Also, running my own company, Connected Conversations™, has given me direct experience in areas that most organizations have to attend to, e.g. marketing, communications, accounting, etc.

I believe this breadth of exposure is certainly a plus in terms of the value I can provide an organization – one can be more effective in a learning and development role the more one understands all parts of an organization, both as distinct groups and how they fit together in the big picture.

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As a learning and development professional, subject matter, in a way, is irrelevant.  Whether it’s needs assessment, instructional design, eLearning development, facilitation or learning sustainment, it’s having a sound process that counts.  The subject matter, or content, is what populates the processes.

Aside from the skills I utilize as a learning and development professional, I’m also considered a subject matter expert in the areas listed below.


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